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Project Name: 
dscout Diary

Development Method: 

Key Accomplishments: 

  • Created cross-functional teams to serve as strategic partners

  • Created a repository of searchable user findings

  • Created feedback systems to log and track issues

  • Conducted and analyzed 50+ user interviews

  • Conducted 75+ user sessions, including usability sessions, card sorts, contextual walkthroughs, and concept testing

  • Created and conducted 10+ diary studies

  • Maintained a user channel in which to share and promote user insights

  • Produced wireframes, prototypes, sitemaps, and user flows

  • Created a reusable pattern library (Axure)

  • Wrote user stories, UI requirements, and technical specifications

  • Participated in requirement reviews, sprint planning, and QA testing   

  • Conducted product training for all updates and releases

  • Led efforts to localize language in apps and conduct a site content inventory

  • Created and led company-wide product trainings

I served as the UX Lead for product design at dscout. I led the team in :

  • Gathering internal and external user feedback

  • Brainstorming and designing concepts

  • Wireframing and prototyping solutions, and

  • Testing and measuring designs.

I also focused on connecting the product team to users and other dscout employees to the design process, creating cross-functional teams to serve as strategic partners, creating a repository of searchable user findings, and implementing feedback systems to log and track issues.

I worked heavily with development and QA to create the required user stories and technical specifications, and create scripts and protocols to test and measure the designs once released.